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why this blog?

Years ago I realized that 90% of the information I searched for in my daily life came from others--personal blogs, pinterest, discussion forums--rather than from traditional news sources. Since then, I've been sharing my experiences here to inspire you, pursue creative interests, and as a how-to for tutorials.

what you can find here

I write articles to be long-lived references:

my story, the short

...I spent 8 years working at Google as an Engineering Program Manager

...I have a B.S. Electrical Engineering from Rice University

...I've been rock climbing since 2008, ticking climbs up to V9 and 5.12b

...I've had two ACL reconstruction surgeries

...I've been dabbling in photography since 2004

...I've spent over 9 months traveling the US and Canada in a van, exploring the outdoors and climbing

...I enjoy sewing handmade quilts, from patchwork to machine quilting

my story, the long

I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii until I went to Rice University in Houston, TX. I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree and then worked as a Systems Engineer for military satellite communications systems at Boeing.

After 2 years, I wanted to work in the faster-paced consumer mobile market. I landed a job at Google as an Engineering Program Manager and spent 8 years there working on projects from TV Ads to YouTube to Android's Google Play and Nexus hardware. I love piecing together the architecture and dependencies of an end-to-end product.

bouldering in fountainbleau

During that time, I met my husband Jeremy at Planet Granite climbing gym, where you can still find us many days a week. I've been rock climbing since 2008, primarily bouldering. My most proud send has been Clam Digger (V8/9) at Castle Rock State Park. Jeremy has the FA and I may have the first FFA!

In 2014, I took a bouldering fall at the gym and tore my ACL. I had ACL reconstruction surgery, but 9 months later, I tore the graft when getting back into bouldering. I had ACL reconstruction surgery #2 in 2016. I've been healthy and even stronger since.

I quit my job at Google in 2016 after feeling the Silicon Valley burn for 8 years. Since then, I've been focusing on my knee rehab, climbing, getting my cortisol levels back to normal, traveling, sewing and quilting, photography, and learning to be handier with house renovations. I've spent almost 9 months on the road with my husband, Jeremy, racking up 35k miles across the US, enjoying the outdoors, national parks, and climbing.

photography inquiries

All photos are licensed and copyrighted to me unless given credit otherwise. I love inspiring people to travel and explore through my photos. If you'd like to use my photos, please contact me!

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