We FINALLY got out of California! I skipped over the...minor details...from the last blog post, but our maiden voyage last week included: a shattered phone, getting towed to Carson City for loud screeching in the wheel which turned out to be a peach pit IN the brake caliper, eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and subsequent stomach illness, staying the night in Carson City, leaving toiletry bag in hotel, broken fridge...  Suffice it to say, I'm just glad we're on the way.

Blogging on the road!

We did a long, long stint through Nevada--it's flat, very flat--the entire state is seriously BLM land. We made it to City of Rocks, Idaho for a half day of climbing. The rock is granite with huge crystals like in Tuolumne, but with big features like huecos at Castle Rock State Park, bulges, liebacks, mantles, and great crimps.  It's too bad we have to get out of here fast to make it down to the Red, but it's totally on the list for a repeat trip.

Camping at Castle Peak, Tahoe on the way out
Snow! I didn't know I caught it till I was editing photos! It's actually sand or salt?
"I bet you could hook your guitar up to the stereo system!" Yes, he played along to Ozzy's Boneyard on Sirius radio.
Enter Idaho, straw mazes and a lot of potatoes. Really, mounds of potatoes.

Awesome camping site outside of City of Rocks. There's free camping outside Almo on BLM land. Go past Stoney Point campground (or go there for ~$20-$30/night), straight onto dirt road. We got pretty darn far in 2WD.

Took a 1hr detour trying to find actual climbing and crossed the Utah border by accident.
Kinda like driving up to the Buttermilks! Sort of.

Bath Rock. Highly recommended, super fun climbs on the entire  west face. Rollercoaster 5.9, Colossus 5.10c, Loch Ness Monster 5.11c. I can't say enough just how much fun the climbing is.