Pinch like a vice, hang on slopers like sandpaper on sandpaper. That's the goal. I'm 5'4" and my hand ape index (tip of thumb to tip of pinky stretched out) is 7.5", but I make every bit of it count.

Grease the groove with a grip strengthener

Every time you go to the bathroom, squeeze a pinch trainer. It's called Grease the Groove, where you do quantity of low-intensity reps to keep your muscles and neurons firing. The theory started with Pavel Tsatsouline, father of the kettlebell, and is used in military applications for training. I swear by doing a set of pinch trainers or hangboard hangs each time I go to the bathroom. Heck, throw in a set of push-ups or sit-ups too.

This grip trainer is A+++ compared to those rubber donuts. It's adjustable from 20-90lb.

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4x4 Pinch Hangs

We've got two 4"x4" pinches set up at home, but you can also find some decent pinches in the gym or on a system board. Hang for 7s, rest for 3s, repeat ~7 times per set.

rock climbing pinch strength training
rock climbing pinch strength training

G Strings

SICGrips Gstring. Hang like hangboard workouts, X sec on, Y sec off. These are completely adjustable for angle. Fip and you have a crimp. This is easily one of the most versatile training devices. Do a 10sec hang each time you walk to the bathroom.

rock climbing sloper strength training

Dumbbell pinches

rock climbing pinch strength training
Make pinches out of 1-, 2-, and 3- 2x4's. Clamp them together with Gorilla Glue.
rock climbing pinch strength training
Glue grip tape or sandpaper (100 grit works well) on the sides and add hooks on the bottom. 
rock climbing pinch strength training
Hang weights to train. You can also loop the cord over a pull-up bar and deadhang from them. Way harder than it seems!

...or get these

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The broomstick

Take a stick, drill a hole through, and hang a rope. Curl both ways: pull wrists up to lift the weight, working out the extensors, and roll wrists down to lift the weight, working out flexors. The direction that the rope twists around the stick matters, too.

rock climbing forearm strength training

Or, buy one:

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System board

On a system board there's usually rows of mirrored pinches that you can do laps on. Find some decent feet and go up left-right and back down till you pump out. It sucks and it works.

system board for climbing

You're on your way to ⤵️

strong forearms rock climbing

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