• Size: 71" x 98"
  • Weight: 6lb 6oz
  • Time: ~51 hrs
  • Design: 4hrs
  • Cutting: 8hrs
  • Piecing: 26hrs
  • Quilting: 10.5hrs
  • Binding: 3hrs
  • Cost: ~$330
  • Quilting fabric: $200
  • Backing and binding fabric: $75
  • Batting: $30
  • Temp spray adhesive: $20
  • Thread: $10
  • Fabric:
  • 19 different quilting fabrics
  • ~700 pieces of fabric

I'd been itching to make a very bright neon quilt for months but couldn't put my finger on the right design. After our trip to the PNW last spring to Butchart Gardens and the Skagit Tulip fields, I finally got the inspiration to get a roll on the design!

Tulip handmade quilt inspiration
Tulip handmade quilt inspiration

This is our new cuddle quilt for the couch or floor throw since we've recently replaced our carpet with hardwood floors. The basic piecing pattern is inspired by Sew Kind of Wonderful's Urban Beads. I changed the original parallel-only rows to add the diagonal intersecting section.

Tulip handmade quilt

The backing and binding are Shannon Cuddle Fabrics, the same that I've used before on baby quilts.

Tulip handmade quilt backing fabric

I've settled on using wool batting since it has the best balance of loft to see the quilting design, warmth, and ease of use for when you're working with such a large size. I quilted inside the horizontal rows with different designs to emphasize the length, like looking down a long row of tulips. It was partly out of necessity, too--I couldn't easily do an all-over quilt design on a home sewing machine.

Tulip handmade quilt machine quilting design

The diagonal piece has a random fern-like quilting design over all the rows to contrast with the structure of the horizontal section. Since the diagonal piece was in the corner, I was able to quilt the all-over design without too much cursing.

Tulip handmade quilt machine quilting design

The piecing stage wasn't too bad at all. I used the Quick Curve Ruler and a pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful, which I also used to create our king-size medallion quilt. Curves can be a quilter's biggest fear, but the pattern is quite forgiving in how much wiggle room you have to square up your blocks at the end.

Tulip handmade quilt cutting fabric
Tulip handmade quilt cutting fabric

Sewing rows together:
Tulip handmade quilt patchwork

Squeezed by with just enough blocks on many of the rows!
Tulip handmade quilt patchwork

Pieced view from the back.
Tulip handmade quilt patchwork back

Quilt management on a home sewing machine for a quilt this large and heavy is a skill unto itself. I ended up getting quilt clips to help with fabric containment. This is also the reason why I couldn't do more intricate designs than row-by-row quilting. I found it easier to start with the quilt hefted over my shoulder and to work pushing the quilt up through the machine and on to the table. This was the end of finishing a row:

Tulip handmade quilt machine quilting large quilts