thunder over louisville

I've really never had the urge to blog or keep a journal. I use Facebook somewhat reluctantly--it's great to keep up with friends, but there's a part of me that hates social networking. I keep my photos and videos in G+ and YouTube, mainly to keep them somewhere that's publicly accessible.

I've seriously dabbled with the idea of a blog for a few months now. The kicker for me was reading my friend's blog post about why he started blogging: much of the "good" content on the web comes from blogs, and “it's so much easier to judge other people’s work and ideas than it is to create something of your own and put it out into the world.”

The other big kicker for me was the amount of traction in Beth Rodden's Climbing while Pregnant blog. Ok, I'm not quite there yet, but the outpour of community involvement and information there is amazing.

I realized that all the content I read is in my Feedly reader from others' blogs. I religiously follow ~50 quilting blogs, Lifehacker, and all my friends' blogs. I love reading about other people's hobbies and lives, I get most of my quilting inspiration from quilting blogs, and I have a heathly stream of climbing videos to watch.

So, whether it's to inspire others to try climbing, or inspire someone's next quilting project, here it goes.