Yes, we're expecting Baby Meigs late January 2018! We're super excited to bring Baby into our life!

The answers to questions, including the odd, the genuinely curious from other young women, and the want-to-ask-but-too-awkward questions:

How do you feel?
Honestly quite good compared to what I hear other pregnant women go through. I felt pretty tired and queasy during the first trimester, but never thought like I'd need to puke. It was like feeling carsick. "Morning" sickness is a complete misnomer--it occurs anytime of day, and I felt worst around dinner.

The tiredness still hits most days, mostly around early afternoon, though it was worst the first trimester. I continued to climb and work out completely normally until about week 12, which I think really helped minimize sickness. I modified my workouts (e.g. no bouldering) until 2 weeks before delivery.

For all the young women, especially climbing ladies, see my articles about being fit during pregnancy!

Boy or girl?
It's a surprise! We're not finding out!

So you're doing the gender neutral thing?
We're not doing gender-neutral, we're just not finding out sex pre-birth.

Our decision to not find out sex did start out with Jeremy and I talking about how we both hate the numbing sea of blue-only and pink-only baby gear, everything from clothes to blankets to pillows to bottles to burp cloths. We simply love color and our home reflects that love. So why change with a baby?

"Gender neutral" often means to people not blue, not pink, rather orange and green (which is just as bad then as all pink or all blue), or remove the notion of gender altogether. We're not doing that, but we do think it's ridiculous that society often thinks the presence of a flower on a baby boy will make him feminine, or the presence of a red truck on a girl isn't dainty enough. If the onesie fits, so to speak, we'll take it. But all blue-green-dinosaurs-trucks, and all pink-purple-butterflies-flowers, not so much. And you better bet Jeremy's kid will be wearing Slayer!

As we were talking about this and how to tell people we're pregnant, Jeremy and I both looked at each other and asked do we care about finding out sex before birth? And not so much. So, surprise, Baby Meigs!

it's a baby

(The next few are honest questions from young women.)
How long have you been trying to get pregnant?
9 months! Trying to get pregnant isn't easy, especially emotionally, and we swore that it might have gone faster if I had been overweight, alcoholic, and/or didn't want kids.

Did you use fertility drugs?
No, though we were close to looking into initial testing to see whether there was anything hormonally or physically wrong, anything other than playing the probability chance game every month.

Were you on birth control?
Yes, birth control pills for about 6 years prior. I stopped 3 months before we started trying. Supposedly it doesn't affect fertility as long as you have a normal period after you stopped pills. I had a normal period the first month.

Are you still climbing?
Yes! I climbed and worked out completely normally for the first 12 weeks, still pulling up to V8s. I wasn't falling too far at the time anyways because of my knee, so it was no change to my routine, and I felt fine. I've been listening to my body, dialing it back when I need to.

We're about to embark on another road trip, where I'll be hiking and climbing in a maternity harness!