Japanese Linen: my new obsession

I've been busy getting ready for our wedding and I have an almost uncomfortable number of works in progress. I'm not used to so many, but it's nice to have choices to pick up. The hot weather has put a plug on climbing outside for the season, which means I have more time to gush over fabric!

I'm trying to post and write more about works in progress, rather than just the finished products. I always appreciate the journey of how others select patterns, fabric, and quilting designs. And I need to write more. Get over my rusty English skills.

30 of 42 blocks complete for a queen size quilt for our bed. I've used the Medallion Quilt pattern from Sew Kind of Wonderful, and Folk Modern fabric by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka fabric, a Japanese linen import. Confession: I'm almost more excited about the back of the quilt. I came home today from Hart Fabric in Santa Cruz with a jaw-dropping selection of Japanese linen imports. It may end up being the top of the quilt (ssh, don't tell Jeremy).

When I first heard Japanese fabric, I thought super asian...you know what I mean. It's not. Kokka, Echino, and Melody Miller all have awesome fabric. I love the texture of linen, and it washes up surprisingly soft.

The quilt hanger was all Jeremy, but it feels like a finished project--or at least it feels good to check of the to-do list! This is one of the first quilts I did about a year ago on my teeny starter sewing machine. We're not fully happy with the hanger. Need better wood and stain it. But it's functional, and the wall's not bare anymore.

I hate sewing things that need to fit. Clothes, bags, accessories. I don't like measuring and altering. Quilting is free...I suppose you measure blocks, but so what if the quilt ends up being 2 inches longer? I can focus on intricate quilting stitches and the composition of color rather than on setting an armhole or zipper. Ironic since my mom taught me how to sew clothes when I was young. I had an envious collection of running shorts and pencil pouches then--so in in high school, haha.

I put a sock in my mouth and made a travel bag for embroidery stuff.




Yes, those are raw quarter inch seams on the inside. It gets the job done.

I picked up embroidery a couple weeks ago for something to do while traveling and camping. I've been avoiding it for years.

In Kindergarten, my mom had me start cross-stitch [pause to shudder]. You know, make X's in different colors. Mind-numbing then, and each block was a farm animal. It took me till 5th grade to finish out of guilt. I'm going to find it when we're back in Hawaii next week.