New Year Resolutions

Myself pondering in Yosemite

For me, New Year's resolutions are like giving something up for Lent: it barely gets a thought and it never happens. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, much less post them to the world, but there's a first time for everything.

Coming off my last post Balance and Respect: Take Your Goddamn Vacation from Work!, and heading into my yearly love-hate cycle working on Android, I need to figure out a sustainable energy balance. This year I'm focusing on the balance of me: intellectual (work), physical, personal, creative.

Work-Life Balance

I'll always put in great work at work, but I can't afford such emotional and energy expenditure that leaves me exhausted for anything else. A lot of this is my own attitude and how much I let work drain me, not just work itself (though Android is...Android).

  • Don't take things personally. Work is just work. This one's probably the most understated but most crucial to everything else.
  • Set boundaries. I need to be more regimented about turning work off. I can choose, and will need to, work some nights, but when I'm off, I'm off. No more checking work email at the gym or while I'm in bed. I need mental disengagement to regenerate.


ACL surgery is 3 months behind me, and I'm on a war path to a speedy recovery and stronger comeback. Jeremy and I are doing a long North American climbing road trip fall next year and I'll be ready to go! Maybe it's a V10 year!

  • Physical therapy, stronger legs, even if that means gaining weight--it's worth the climbing-power tradeoff.
  • Get to the gym with energy (work-life balance). It makes a huge difference in physical output when I'm not already drained.
  • Positive attitude. I really think my speedy recovery so far has a lot to do with attitude. At least it makes training easier to bear!


Be supportive and loving to friends and family...not that I'm not now, but last year was full of "oh shit" last-minute birthday scrambles and whatnot.

  • Be a better listener. Jeremy certainly heard enough one-sided rants and bitching last year.
  • Send a snail mail just-because card or care package 1/month to someone. Because it fills the heart.


I had a pretty good last year of sewing, but I'm a planner. I want to be more creative, shoot from the hip, and more easily jump into new projects. Practice-not-project is ok.

  • Start projects without needing an end goal. I too easily push aside doing something for the heck of it if it doesn't fit into a finished quilt/pillow/project.
  • Blog more. I've had ideas for a bunch of posts but never start, thinking I need some well thought out theme. I get like 90% of my projects from others' blogs, and it's time to give back.