Standing Desk DIY Project

[Note: This article was featured in Simplified Building's project blog!]

One of my goals this year is to be handier around the home, with cars, and with woodworking. If there's a project to be done, fun or dirty, I'm primary with Jeremy coaching me on. I made my own standing desk for the office!

standing desk before

standing desk project simplifiedbuilding

My desk now matches Jeremy's side:
standing desk simplifiedbuilding

The pipe and connectors are from Simplified Building, a really awesome DIY product operated by passionate folks. Their projects blog is a combination of their ideas and projects others have created, from shelves to kids beds to workout structures. Their customer support is great to chat about project ideas and issues with your order, both of which I had. 5 stars.
standing desk simplifiedbuilding pipe kee

I used Size 6 pipe and various Kee Klamp fittings. I designed the desk on graph paper and measured. The Kee Klamps have about 1" of play in them which relieves the need to be absolutely perfect.

Wood was from Home Depot, 1.75" thick for the desk top and 3/4" thick for the shelves.

standing desk project

I really wanted colors that would stand out against the dark walls and I ended up with silver and gold metallic glitter.
standing desk project

It looks great but glitter isn't for the faint-hearted. It took 4 coats of metallic spray paint, 4 coats of glitter spray paint, 1 coat of clear glitter protector spray paint, and 2 layers of triple thick polyurethane. I swear I spent a week painting and getting glitter everywhere. Glitter spray paint is also twice as expensive and covers half as much as regular spray paint.

Spray, spray, spray:
standing desk project

Brush polyurethane:
standing desk project

Really sparkly!
standing desk project

standing desk project

I had to drill out a few of the Kee feet for the silver floating shelves so the pipe would slide through. The Kee feet are designed to be, well, feet for the ends of pipes, not designed for a pipe to go straight through.

You can see the drilled-out Kee foot supporting the silver shelf, as opposed to feet that cap the ends of the pipes like the ones supporting the gold desktop:
standing desk project

Other Kee Klamps support horizontal pipes:
standing desk project

I designed the desk so there's a low horizontal pipe in the front to rest a foot up while standing, and a higher horizontal pipe connecting the back legs to rest feet while sitting. The Kee Klamps adjust easily with an allen wrench and allow the pipes to slide up and down.
standing desk project

Final touches:

Anti-fatigue mat. The Sky Mat is well worth the price and comes in a wider size, 20"x39".

Drafting chair extension pipe. You can use your existing chair and put this extension on it.