Ten Sleep Wyoming

[This is part of my vanlife series. I've spent 7 months and 25kmiles on the road in 2 years, exploring and rock climbing around the US]

Our 2 days in Ten Sleep go down in the memory books as one of the most awesome trips we've had for weather, climbing, people, and location. It's one of those magical places like Squamish that I love for the place just as much as for the climbing itself.

Ten Sleep is a really small town of 260 people but has a really rad brewery, run by a family with climbers in mind, where you can camp for $3/night and shower for $2. Again we were late in the season and saw only 8 other climbers but temperatures were still in the 60s (sidenote: it's been weird to want warmer temps for sport climbing than bouldering!)

Gorgeous location for the brewery. Family house upper left, brewery in barn, and camping anywhere in field. You can imagine how happy Jeremy was to grab a pint(s) and head to the van (van to right under tree):
Ten Sleep Brewery Ten Sleep Brewery

The brewery is a cozy 30'x30' area where Jeremy made quick friends with everyone and everything:
Ten Sleep Brewery

Local band one night:
Ten Sleep Brewery

Morning sights from camping outside the brewery:
Ten Sleep Brewery Ten Sleep Brewery

Driving through Ten Sleep canyon. Miles of rock!
Ten Sleep rock climbing

View from Dry Wall area:
Ten Sleep rock climbing dry wall

We met up with two awesome guys from Minnesota who've been on the road for 8 months, climbing to enjoy. It was a really great to spend time with folks who truly were out to have fun on each route they got on and who had similar perspectives on life. I let go of (or totally forgot?) the send-send-climb-hard attitude and truly relaxed, enjoyed the movement, and had fun (when I wasn't terrified of falling). But I led my first route outdoors!

Ten Sleep rock climbing Ten Sleep rock climbing ice box

Beer Bong route in Dream Land area, super fun. We only got a little pumped timing the shot!
Ten Sleep rock climbing beer bong Ten Sleep rock climbing Ten Sleep rock climbing

We headed to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky next, where we met up with old friends from the Bay area, who happen to be mutual friends with the guys from Ten Sleep. Such is the climbing world. Post-Red climbing, we may meet up with them in Wisconsin for more climbing!

[We loved Ten Sleep so much that we went back the next year and stayed for almost 3 weeks! See more photos of climbing in this article!]