The PNY Pt 2: Vancouver

This is Part 2 of my Pacific Northwest travel series. See my other articles on: Victoria Island, British Columbia | Coastal Redwood Trees | Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The next part of our journey took us to Vancouver, BC! While I like visiting cities, I've never wanted to live in one--but Vancouver may be an exception. We had the perfect tour guides, my sister and her husband, who live in Vancouver.

We drove our van onto another ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, zig zagging between small islands and soaking in the beautiful day that would extend into the weekend.

Vancouver Ferry

C'mon, a city nestled in mountains and on the Pacific...
Vancouver Ferry

...that's well laid out with a ton of public spaces, greenery, and parks... Vancouver beach tulips Vancouver sunset over sea planes Vancouver beach

...that's amazingly clean, beyond anything you see in the States... Vancouver downtown

...that has the 35 acre Granville Island with a brewery, distillery, shops, kids market, and the largest public market I've ever seen, putting any weekend at the Ferry Building in SF to shame...

Granville Island public market

...produce? pasta? imported spices? tea? coffee? sushi? fresh seafood and meat? amazing meat-stuffed bagels? OK, they've got that, you just shouldn't get lost... Granville Island public market

...sweets, yes lots and lots of that... Granville Island public market

Need somewhere to eat all that food? OK, we'll lounge outside.
Granville Island public market Granville Island public market

And don't forget that it's only an hour from Squamish!

The rest of the weekend consisted of eating, resting, eating, a noon-to-night brewery tour, and hanging out.
Vancouver BC

I could've hung with these guys a little longer.
Vancouver A-Maze-Ing Laughing Statues Vancouver A-Maze-Ing Laughing Statues Vancouver A-Maze-Ing Laughing Statues

We really did end the weekend with an Iron Maiden concert.

\m/ \m/ Iron Maiden Vancouver concert


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