why this blog?

Years ago I realized that 90% of the information I searched for in my daily life came from others--personal blogs, pinterest, discussion forums--rather than from traditional news sources. Since then, I've been writing guides to help and inspire others.

my story

...I have a B.S. Electrical Engineering from Rice University

...I spent 8 years working at Google as an Engineering Program Manager

...I've been rock climbing since 2008, ticking climbs up to V9 and 5.12b

...I've had two ACL reconstruction surgeries

...I've been dabbling in photography since 2004

...I've spent over 9 months traveling the US and Canada in a van with my husband, exploring the outdoors and climbing

...I enjoy sewing handmade quilts, from patchwork to machine quilting

...I had a very active pregnancy, and now enjoy all my hobbies with our son!

what's patchwork and pebbles?

When I started this blog, my main hobbies were quilting (patchwork) and bouldering (pebble wrestling). I've since added an eclectic variety of topics.

photography inquiries

All photos are licensed and copyrighted to me unless given credit otherwise. I love inspiring people to travel and explore through my photos. If you'd like to use my photos, please contact me!