Reading List: Mobility, Injury prevention, mindfulness

Books that should go on your to-read list:

Becoming a Supple Leopard

This book, along with Kelly Starrett's site, have forever changed me. I do 15 - 20min of mobility work on myself a day, and not just for my knee--for anything and everything. I no longer have lower back pain from standing and I can feel a difference in physical power working out. It's great for injury prevention and basic body maintenance. Kelly also explains how we generate torque and power through body movement like rotation, increasing power during workouts, and reducing injury.

The Roll Model

Goes hand-in-hand with Supple Leopard. Pick up a couple Yoga Tune Up balls. They're the same size as lacrosse balls but have much more give to them so you can really put pressure on them. I roll my feet on them, smash my shins in them, and dig into my lats and that gnarly place between the shoulder blade and spine. I take them traveling everywhere.

Make or Break on climbing injuries

This is a great one to read through once and then keep on your shelf for those [very likely] injuries. There's a frustratingly small amount of research into climbing injuries; not many sports put so much force on tendons. This is the best compilation of the latest research on what to do and what not to do. It explains anatomy, the types of forces we put our bodies through, and exercises to do for rehab. It also covers the more common injuries like golfer's and tennis elbow, and even Font elbow!

Gimme Kraft on training

A great reference book if you're training and get bored. Dozens of exercises to pick from. My complaint is it's organized by appratus, e.g. bar vs rings vs system board. I organize my workouts by body part, e.g. core vs posterior, so it takes a while to comb through the book.

Search Inside Yourself on mindfulness

Read to be happier, let anxiety and stress roll off you, and to be amused. This was on my list for years and I wasn't in the right mindset to read. It's written by a Google engineer on mindfulness (~=meditation) who lays it out in a logical engineering way--no hoodoo voodoo, but science and a great sense of humor. I'm 2 months into meditating for 15min daily using the Headspace app.